emission funky station 14 09 2018

EMISSION funky STATION 14 09 2018

chic i want your love dimitri from paris remix 122 bpm

private eyes (black room digital vision reconstruction) daryl hales & joan oates

diana ross sweept digital vision reedit

dim all the lights digital vision re edit donna summer

kool & the gang sonic bootleg remix fresh 125 bpm

boogie oogie oogie a taste of honey digital visiuon re edit

keep on lovin’me the whispers digital vision reedit

keep the fire burning gwen mc crae extended by monster funk

earth wind & fire let’s groove digital vision redit

into the groove madonna shepp pit bone remiox 87 115 bpm

boosty collins body slam digital vision re-edit

frankie smith double dutch bus

kashif stone love digital vision re-edit

rick dees é his cast of idiots disco ducks digital vision re-edit

the sos band do it now digital vision re-edit 119 bpm

what i like digital vision re-edit anthony and teh camp

david bowie let’s dance digital vision rte-edit

glow of love change

daft punk give back to music by monster funk

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