funky station

funky station: émission du 9 mars 2018

EMISSION funky STATION 9 03 2018

the system i wanna make you feel good 113 bpm
freddie james don’t turn back on love by jp oldschool funk
by all means early fall 89
the touch immateriel 1985
starpoint i like it 1982

ashford & simpson love don’t make it right 109 bpm
s&m sexy music rated x dede
gayle adams love fever vocal version
heaven & earth i really love you
touche wrap it up original version 1982

debby black well once you got me going 1986 120 bpm
nicole house call
shotgun the party rare funk 83
stargaze you can(t have it 1982
rich mix i got the love

dawn payne new york lady 1985 116 bpm
clockworth i’m your candy girl
earth wind & fire fallin in love with me
freda payne in motion
kashif say you love me 1985

funky station: émission du 16 février 2018

EMISSION funky STATION 16 02 2018
come 4 me ft marc sadane oh ft porter caroll jr& matic 115 bpm
cool million ft kiki kyte good time
cool million ft laura jackson love the beat
cool million ft kenny thomas without your love
corona remixed thomas g & bend x

cool million ft donald mc collum get upon the floor 110 bpm
cool million ft eugene wilde nack for more
richard jon smith this is the moment
ray ayers slip inside
swv give it to me

the dramatics live it up 117 bpm
the nerve a little bit of jazz
vance & suzanne i cna’t get a long without you the revenge un released dub
thomas g tonighr rare extended version
suzy q love is in the air

cool million we can work it out ftwestcoast soulstars matt carly remix 125 bpm
nathna mc kinney very special lady
cool million ft lane ribeau noughty girl gotta remix
cool million ft kenny thomas without your love bootleg remix
gene dunlap party in me

Funky station: émission du 9 février 2018

EMISSION funky STATION 9 02 2018

millie jackson wanna be your love 107 bpm
average white band youre my number one
melisa morgan freddie jackson bazck together again
betty wright miami groove
brenda russel just to believe

the jones girls dance turned into a romance 118
zalmac dreamin 1982
vaughan mason ft butch dayo you can do it
total contrast be with you
take 3 tonight(s the night all right

ann peebles mon belle amour slow
first circle can’t find a love
gerry deveaux front of the line
luther vandross i wonder
sylvia it’s good to be the queen

4 by four don’t put the blame on me 116 bpm
patti austin starstruck
phil fearon and galaxy dancing tight
pure energy too hot
robert brookins our lives